Lathrop Sunrise Rotary

Lathrop’s 4th of July Fireworks Show

Lathrop Sunrise Rotary Club brought good ole’ American pride back to their community by co-sponsoring the 4th of July Fireworks Show along with the City of Lathrop. Residents have not seen a city-sponsored fireworks show since 2009 and without this year’s dual-partnership with the Rotary, funding would not have been possible again. The all-day entertainment event was held at the Mossdale Community Park in the relatively new subdivision of Mossdale. The beautiful day began with family activities that included picnicking, food vendors and informational booths by the local community services. Read more... 

Above left: Joe and Peggy Gonzales purchasing the Big Bang fireworks with Rotarian Steve Dresser.          Above right: Ernest Ka and his family with the American Pride and Rotarian Steve Dresser. 
Golf “Fore” Scholarships 

One of the signature fundraising events for the Lathrop Sunrise Rotary was held on August 4, 2012 and for the 6th year in a row, the joint-golf tournament with the San Joaquin County Correctional Officers Association was a resounding success! Chaired by Rotarian Cheryl Airrington, the tournament is the fund-raising source for the club’s scholarship program. This year, the club raised a little more than $3,600.00. Read more...
Ed from the Texas Roadhouse and Ann Waller serve lunch to the participants.
John Airrington, Beth Estante, Angie Smith, Pam Carson and Rotarian-Chair Cheryl Airrington at the registration table.
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Vocational-Technical Service: Administration of Justice

​Meeting began at 0630 hours at Manteca’s 
Weston Ranch High School for the Lathrop 
Sunrise Rotary Club on August 23rd, 2012 
when the club visited Mr. Waller’s 
Administration of Justice class. The visit was 
part of the club’s outreach to learn about 
career-vocational education and service in 
law enforcement and its related occupations.
​

A Beautiful Thanksgiving

It was a busy but orchestrated scene at the Lathrop Senior Center as volunteers from the Lathrop Christian Center helped Rotarian Steve Dresser prepare the vegetables and turkey for his famous turkey soup. The soup has become a signature first entrée to the full-course Thanksgiving meal provided by the Lathrop Sunrise Rotary Club. As the pots of soup simmered, others were setting-up the tables, placing colorful cornucopia centerpieces on the tables, and the sounds of John Tesh’s movie themes played in the background. Meanwhile, at Sierra High School in Manteca, Rotarian Bob Gleason and his crew of volunteers were picking-up trays of baked turkeys and the rest of the main course to be served on this exclusively American holiday, Thanksgiving.

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3. Will it build GOODWILL?     4. WiIl it be BENEFICIAL?