Lathrop Sunrise Rotary


Membership Commitment

Membership is vital to a Rotary club's operations and community service activities. A primary goal of the club is to continually expand the club with committed members who have the interest and ability to get involved in service and humanitarian projects.  

If membership in the Lathrop Sunrise Rotary interests you, please contact us at 209-879-7900  and we will be happy to discuss membership in greater detail. 

 Click Here For Printable (.PDF) Membership Application 

Attendance Recognition

Lathrop Sunrise recognizes Member Attendance by hosting quarterly “Auctions”.  Items in the auction can only be purchased with “Funny Money”.  Funny Money is not legal tender.  Rather, it is similar to Monopoly money.  Members receive “Money” for the auctions by attending meetings and attending other club events.  

Of the things we think, say and do...
1. Is it the TRUTH?     2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 
3. Will it build GOODWILL?     4. WiIl it be BENEFICIAL?