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Lathrop Sunrise Rotary

Invivo Inc.

Medical / Education

13591 Gypsum Way
Lathrop, CA  95330

209.609.1351 - Cell
209.234.0125 - Per
209.664.1458 - Fax

Business Description: Medical Training / Personnal

Web Site:  n/a

E-Mail:  rgleasonroom1@yahoo.com

Classification:  Medical

Induction Date:  July 30, 2009

Sponsor:  Craig Heise

Birthday:  June 25, 1962

Spouse/Partner:  Monica

Anniversary:  August 17, 1985

Children:  Heath, Amber & Cody

Education:  BS-Law, AA-English. Sp Ed Cert., K-8 Cert.

Interests:  Scuba, 4x4, Travel, Camping, Snow Boarding
Robert Gleason